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Live Cell Microscopy

Live Cell Microscopy is a blood screening technique that can reveal imbalances that may not show up on traditional lab blood tests. This test is done by obtaining a droplet of blood from a fingertip that remains unstained and chemically untreated during examination. This droplet of blood is placed on a slide and immediately viewed using a Darkfield microscope and projected on to a computer screen for clients viewing.

Live cell microscopy can illustrate unseen and often times unfelt activity within the body. This can compromise the body's ability to function optimally and in time can lead to symptoms and ultimately to disease. Live microscopy provides a snapshot of your overall health, it can reveal distortions of red blood cell which reflect nutritional status, low levels of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid and fatty acids and also incomplete or delayed digestion of fats and proteins.

In addition, liver stress and undesirable bacterial and fungal life forms maybe revealed. Darkfield microscopy provides a valuable analysis for the early assessment of environmental sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, circulatory issues, cholesterol crystals, compromised immunity and other conditions.

This preventative tool will educate you on where to focus your nutritional efforts and provides positive feedback in your changes towards a more balanced state of well-being.

The cost for a 1 hour consultation is $140. This includes an intake form, a nutritional consultation and a video.

Before Appointment

  • Fast for 5 hours (no food or liquids) and drink plenty of water.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out Assessment form.